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What is the best lighting for a bathroom?

If you’re wondering ‘How many lights do I need for my bathroom?’, we believe that the best bathrooms have a mixture of general, task and accent lighting in varying combinations. Here are our recommendations for the types of lighting for your bathroom:

Downlights: Downlights are a great starting point for your bathroom. They can be placed across the ceiling for a general glow, or in certain areas to highlight features. We recommend LED downlights for their energy efficiency and long lifespan.

Flush Mount Lights: If you have a small bathroom or powder room, you might not have the space to install numerous downlights. In this case, a single flush mount light would be perfect, as it sits against the ceiling without cluttering or overwhelming a small space. Ceiling lights atop a shower are also a great way to create ambient light.

Wall Lights: As mentioned earlier, wall lights are ideal vanity lights as they provide you with task lighting with a decorative aesthetic. We recommend installing wall lights on either side of a bathroom mirror at eyeline.

Shower Lighting: An innovative way to illuminate a bathroom, shower lighting incorporates lighting with a shower head. Using LED lights, shower lighting is mostly a decorative rather than functional option and contributes to the room’s aesthetic.

Pendant Lights: Contrary to popular belief, pendant lights are great for bathrooms. These hanging ceiling lights can be used as both task and accent lighting. Hang a pendant light near your bathroom mirror or over a feature bath (depending on their IP rating, of course!).

Chandeliers: So long as you adhere to zoning rules, chandeliers can be a great bathroom lighting option. Choose a chandelier with arms that spread out, rather than drop down. They are perfect for a luxe master bedroom ensuite as they create a seamless transition between the rooms.

Strip Lights: Due to advancements in LED strip lighting there are several new and creative ways they can be used. Their small size, made-to-measure customisation and suitable IP rating allow their application in bathrooms. Installed in a shower niche, for instance, strip lights add display and mood lighting. Similarly, they create an attractive lighting profile placed along cabinet kickboards, beneath or behind vanities and even along bathtubs. 

If you choose to use pendant lights and chandeliers in your bathroom, consult your electrician to determine the correct height for installation, as this is critical for safety purposes.

No matter how you style your bathroom, remember that it’s all about layering, and choosing a mixture of task, general and accent lighting. Through clever product choice and strict adherence to IP rating and zoning requirements, you can find lights that overlap between these three lighting categories. 

News and Guides