We are manufacturing vendor for lighting and electrical items. In our portfolio you will find abundant lighting products and household electronics.



We are manufacturing vendor for lighting and electrical items. In our portfolio you will find abundant lighting products and household electronics. They are produced in our own two factory located in Ningbo, plus over 50 partner suppliers in East and South China.

We are a young company under dynamic development

The founder of ULTIMO-Sherry Wu, has been in lighting industry since 2008. ULTIMO was founded in 2015, with great determination and dedication, the company grows rapidly and become part of “BY Group”since 2020. Along with the great support from parent company, ULTIMO start developing new business segment-household electronics, including sockets, adaptors, extension cords, etc. ULTIMO now offers more than 800 items to our customers across Europe.




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Why Choose ULTIMO

Make life easy

We focus on European market, we do market investigation and we understand the business model of our customers. We offer the right products which are popular in the market, and we bring innovations to our products. Our own factory producing innovative outdoor luminaires, sockets, adaptors, extension cords. Besides, thanks to our strong supply chain management, we can offer complete product range for lighting, including Floodlight, Bulkhead, Garden Light, Ceiling Light, Panel Light, Desk Lamp, Spot Light, Emergency Light, Christmas Light and LED Bulbs.

Our customers don’t have to communicate with 10 or even more suppliers for combining products. We make your life easy, and let our customers focus on their business activity in local market.

Our main customers (sales through importer/wholesaler/distributor)

Quality Control

You desire the products you purchase are safe and durable. We pay great attention on the quality control. We achieve your desire by following 4ways:

--Our engineer keep pace closely with the EU regulation, make sure the products we developing meet the legislative requirement.

--Before start mass production, our items undergoing strict test in our lab which equipped with nearly 50 advanced measuring instruments. The test including safety, strength and durability of its material, photoelectric parameter, lighting distribution, lumen maintenance, water and dust proof, performance under high and low temperature, make sure our products will have the service life as promised on contract and packaging.

--Strict SOP on the production line, 100% test before packaging.

--QC inspection before shipment

Our Service


Our team is ready to offer service to our customers. We work with great passion and diligence, we received frequent training regarding products, EU regulations, working skills, these enable us to handle work with professionalism. We respond to our customers in a swift manner, we answer inquires and offer solutions within 24 hours.


We are flexible to meet specific requirement of our customers. For example, we accept small MOQ for trial order; we are willing to adjust the details of the products, such as color of housing, cable length, special accessories; we offer different options regarding trade terms, payment terms.You can expect the best solution from us to perfect match your needs.


We focus on European market, focus on lighting and household electronics. We understand the market trends and bring innovations to our product development. You can always find added value in our products, this is distinction compared with other products, and critical to help our customers succeed in the highly competitive market.