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T8 Glass Tube

LED T8 Glass Tube

Different efficiency available suitable for different project needs.


Full glass tube & PC cap
G13 Cap
Up to 150lm/W available


Item Wattage Lumen Voltage IP Beam Angle Dimension
LED-T8 Tube-60-9 9W 820lm AC220-240V n/a 240° φ26x600mm
LED-T8 Tube-90-12 12W 1160lm AC220-240V n/a 240° φ26x900mm
LED-T8 Tube-120-18 18W 1820lm AC220-240V n/a 240° φ26x1200mm
LED-T8 Tube-150-24 24W 2500lm AC220-240V n/a 240° φ26x1500mm

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